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Trimming Minecraft world chunks

There’s many reasons you might want to trim your world chunks. The most common of them, to get new features in old Minecraft worlds. Instead of travelling thousands of blocks in search of copper or geodes, you can trim the unused chunks and have new features, right on your doorstep. Thanks to a nifty little program called Amulet, trimming your world is a relatively simple process. Follow the guide below to trim bedrock or java edition worlds.

Warning: Before following this guide, make a back-up of your world.



Images can be clicked to open the full-size image in a new tab.

Open Amulet and select Open world

Amulet editor - Open world

Select your edition from the left menu, then select your world.

Edition selection menu - Amulet

Choose 3D Editor from the left menu and wait for your world to load.


Click Options then Options and set the render distance to as high as your computer can handle. then click OK

options > render distance

Click 3D in the top right menu to switch to 2D view.

Click Chunk in the bottom center menu.

chunk > Amulet

Select your chunks and choose one of the deletion options.

To select the chunks you want to save/delete: Hold Ctrl and use left-click and drag to select areas off your world. You can move around the world by using right-click and drag.

Once you’ve highlighted the areas you want to work with, choose one of the deletion options in the left menu:

To delete everything except what you’ve selected, choose Delete Unselected Chunks

To delete only the chunks you’ve selected, choose Delete Chunks

Read the warning, and select yes or no.

If you have backed up your world already, you can safely choose no.

Chunk warning - Amulet

Amulet will now work through the world trimming the chunks. When it’s finished, tap the save icon in the top right menu.

chunk trimming in progress - Amulet

That’s it! You have now trimmed the chunks in your world. They will be regenerated the next time you visit them in-game.

Need more help?

If the steps in our guide hasn’t worked, or you’re having trouble following it, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp, where one of us will guide you through the process.

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