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Transfer worlds from Xbox to PC/mobile without a realm.

Please note: Due to a recent Xbox update, the method described in this guide no longer works. Until the app is updated, or a new method is found, realms are the only way to transfer worlds off an Xbox.

In this guide we’ll show you how you can transfer your worlds from Xbox to PC or mobile, without using a Minecraft realm.

This method is completely free of charge, and uses 2 apps available on Xbox.


  • Minecraft for Xbox
  • A phone/PC to receive the files
    • If you’re on mobile, make sure you have an app capable of ftp connections.
  • MC Addons Manager from the Microsoft store on Xbox.
  • File Downloader from the Microsoft store on Xbox

Exporting your world.

Open MC Addons Manager

MC Addons Manager main menu

Select the world you want to export and choose Export

MC Addons Manager, exporting a world

Make a new folder inside Documents and enter it.

MC Addons Manager Selecting a folder

Select Save

MC Addons Manager selecting a folder.

MC Addons Manager will now export your world to the chosen folder.

MC Addons Manager Exporting world

The world has now been exported and is available in the folder you selected. To transfer the world to another device, follow the steps below to setup File Downloader.

Transferring your world

Setup (Only required once)

Open File Downloader on your Xbox.

File Downloader. Main Menu

Click on the 3 lines icon and choose Storage

File Downloader select storage

Click Mapped Folders

File Downloader Mapped Folders

Add a new mapped folder by clicking the folder icon with a + symbol, in the bottom icon bar.

File Downloader Mapped Folders

Browse to the folder you saved your world in and choose Select

File Downloader Mapped Folders
File Downloader Mapped Folders

Choose a name for the new mapping and click ok

File Downloader Mapped Folders naming

Transferring your world

Open File Downloader, click on the 3 lines icon, and choose Server

File Downloader Server menu

Click start

File Downloader server started

Your Xbox is now running a local FTP server.

Connect to the FTP address in your mobile app, to copy worlds to pocket edition.

To connect to it from a Windows PC, open file explorer and type the ftp address shown on your Xbox, then hit enter.

Windows explorer connected to xbox FTP server

Double-click Mapped Folders then open the folder inside, to see your worlds. They can be copied like any other file.

Windows explorer connected to xbox FTP server

That’s it!

You can now import the world to Minecraft by renaming the file to worldname.mcworld and opening it.

Need more help?

If you have any problems following the steps above, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp and one of us will be happy to guide you through it.

Need to export a world from Windows 10 edition? We’ve got you covered.

Happy crafting folks!

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