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Tip of the Week #5 How to Turn Sweet Berries into Ender Pearls

I would like to clarify that this isn’t cheating, because the title seems suspicious. Well, here’s how you can do that.

Grab a brewing stand, just steal one if you have no nether fortress from a village. Trap a villager in a room, make sure to light it up. Place down the brewing stand, if he doesn’t turn into a cleric, replace the workstation that his villager type is for. Example: if he stays as a farmer, replace all composters nearby. He should turn in a cleric. Max the cleric, the next instruction is how to get the emeralds for getting the Ender Pearls. Get a fletching table, do the same things you did to the cleric, but place down a fletching table. He will sell emeralds for sticks, get a ton of emeralds. Here’s where the sweet berries come in, repeat the process you did with the others, or breed the 2 villagers with beds and 3 bread. Once baby grows up, get a smoker and make the villager a butcher, get him to max level, the fletcher will give you emeralds for that. At max level, he sells a emerald for 14 sweet berries. What a deal! I would use this farm to get the berry bushes, so you can get mass emeralds, so you can get easy ender pearls. This is also a great start for a trading hall. Hope this helps!

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