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Tip Of The Week #4 – Bedrock Tips

hello everyone its me again with a bunch of new bugs and exploits for the bedrock edition of minecraft

firstly i would like to clear out some things

  • I saw that most of you people did not know what the bedrock and java edition of minecraft were so basically if you play on a android/ios/xbox/switch/windows 10 you play the bedrock edition of minecraft. If you play on a pc/mac then you play the java edition of minecraft.

Then as usual i would start with the bugs of bedrock edition-

**Spawning in the void or at the world height limit-**so basically if you logout on any transparent block and have lava near you Minecraft will try to spawn you in a “Safe” location and as we all know minecraft is stupid and according to Minecraft ,the void or the world height is a safe location.

Fake water- so what fake water is that if you place a sponge in a bubble column the water directly touching the sponge will stay there and it will not fill buckets or save you from fire thus the name “Fake Water”

But as you might have noticed i said “Exploits” in the first line because there is a way to get illegal blocks like bedrock and nether portal tiles in the bedrock edition of minecraft

to get bedrock you have to get end crystals and place them in the end portal tiles then before placing the last crystal summon a snow golem and put him under the bedrock (you might need to clear out some end stone) and where the snow layer of the golem is place a piston next to it and hook up a slow redstone clock to it then find out where the snow layer ends up and place another piston under it

and hook up a button to it then activate the clock and you are done whenever you press the button a snow layer will exchange the bedrock and as you mine the bedrock while it regenerates you will get a bedrock block

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