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Tip of the Week #1

  • I see many people repeating the same questions on this subreddit and I hope I can help some of u guys out.

    1. XP farming. There are several methods to gaining xp. For newer players, I reccomend cactus powered bamboo farms. I highly recommend checking out ilmango’s channel if you want a compact cactus xp farm however you may need some redstone knowledge. Another method is by getting an endermen farm which is my preferred method. I use a design made by the youtuber gmembon and it is incredibly cheap. The only downside is that you need to kill the ender dragon and you will only get maximum output if you have a sweeping edge sword. The last method is only for those who in the endgame and have a basic grasp on redstone and has the time and resources to clear an ocean monument. That is to build a guardian farm. Building a guardian farm is the best way to get xp and I again suggest checking out ilmango’s channel for a simple tutorial on how to clear a monument and how to build a guardian xp farm.

    2.Villager AI in the current version of minecraft, villagers only have 3 requirements to breed. 1- It needs to be at breeding time (check wiki for the times) 2- You always need 1 more bed than the total population of villagers. 3- They need a enough of food (check wiki for accepted food Villagers only need to communicate with 2 other villagers to decide to spawn an iron golem, this speeds up when hostile enemies are nearby. (note that hostile mobs have to hidden for certain times to allow villagers to work and sleep.) Villagers cannot switch jobs once traded with. Villagers can only switch jobs(if not traded with) as long as previous workplace is destroyed or cannot pathfinder towards previous workplace at specific times(check wiki). If you want to make automatic villager breeders and a constant supply of villagers. Check gmembon’s channel out( note that some of the villagers AI have changed since the video came out)

    1. Mob grinders/spawners If your mob spawned has incredibly low rates, try: lighting up nearby caves make sure you ask 24 blocks away and build your spanner lower (this is due to minecraft’s wonky loading system, more details can be found on ilmango’s channel)

    please note these tips are meant for java 1.14.4.

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