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Stuck on red Mojang Screen (Bedrock Edition)

This guide should help you get past the Mojang loading screen, on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

If you’re experiencing a similar issue on Java edition, see this guide.

PC Players

  • If you have a dedicated graphics card, try following this guide to force Minecraft to use it.
  • Reinstall Minecraft

Other Bedrock Devices

Clearing the cache is often enough to fix the red screen crash. Click your device below to see instructions for clearing the cache.

Please Note: The cache stores temporary files. Deleting it won’t affect your worlds or other savedata.

If clearing the cache doesn’t fix it. Backup your worlds and reinstall Minecraft.

If Minecraft still isn’t working, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp and one of us will guide you through some more troubleshooting.

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