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Simple Flying Machine. Bedrock Edition.

A simple 2 direction flying machine in Minecraft bedrock edition.

Download world (.mcworld)


For the flying machine you’ll need:

  • 2 Sticky Pistons.
  • 2 Pistons.
  • 8 Honey blocks.
  • 2 Observers.

For the docks:

  • 4 Obsidian Blocks.
  • 10 Observers.
  • 8 Redstone dust.
  • 2 Sticky pistons.
  • 2 pistons.
  • 2 Trap doors (any variety)


We’ll start by building the flying machine.

  • Place 2 sticky pistons and 2 pistons in the pattern shown below.
Front (Direction of travel)
  • Cover both sides with the 8 honey blocks
  • Go to one of the sides an place an observer, as shown.
Left side
Right side
Correct placement of the observer blocks
  • That’s the flying machine finished! Now we’ll move on to building the docks.
  • Move to the back of your machine and place 2 obsidian blocks as shown:
Placement of obsidian blocks and sticky pistons
  • Dig a 4×5 hole under the machine, 1 block deep.
  • Place 2 sticky pistons under the observer blocks as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Place an observer in the hole under one of the obsidian blocks and remove the block in front of it.
Observer placement and direction
  • Dig a 2×1 hole in front of the observer at least 3 deep.
2×1 hole in front of observer.
  • Place 2 temporary blocks above the observer and obsidian
Temporary block placement
  • Jump into the hole and look at the temporary block above
Looking up at the temporary block.
  • Place 4 observers so they connect with the original observer.
Observer placement and direction
  • Fill in the hole and remove the temporary blocks
Flying machine with hole filled in and temporary blocks removed.
  • Stand on the obsidian blocks and place a trapdoor on the top observer block.
Trapdoor placement.
  • Finally, connect the observers to the sticky piston with redstone dust.
Redstone connecting observer to sticky pistons.
  • The dock is now complete.
  • You will need to travel to the other end and build another dock.
  • On the 2nd dock, replace the sticky pistons with normal pistons
Second dock, showing normal pistons instead of sticky.
  • To start your flying machine, stand on the honey blocks and activate the trap door.
Video showing the flying machine in action.

Important note: before activating your flying machine make sure you have at least 2 obsidian blocks ready to stop it at the other end.

And that’s it! You should now have a working flying machine in Minecraft.

As always, if you’re having trouble with this design, or need help with another Minecraft problem, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp and one of us will help you out.

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