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Minecraft Debug Shortcuts

If you’re having problems with minecraft, the debug screen can be a good place to start figuring out what’s wrong. In this post I will detail the common shortcuts, useful for debugging a wide variety of issues.


Open the debug screen – F3
More debug details – F3 + H

Force crash – F3 + C for 10 seconds

Pressing the keys 1 – 9 while in the debug screen will show you a more detailed view of the graph on the right. 0 will reset the view.

Reload all web-loaded client resources – F3 + S

Reload all chunks – F3 + A

Reload Textures – F3 + T

Cycle Render Distance – F3 + F, Reverse Cycle – ⇧ Shift + F3 + F

Toggle Auto Pause – F3 + P

Toggle Hit Boxes – F3 + B

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