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Locating the Minecraft log files and how to share them.

The Minecraft launcher logs game events in real time, reading these logs can help diagnose a variety of issues. Follow the directions below to view these logs, and then copy them to our pastebin ready for sharing. This guide is for java edition.

Getting the launcher log.

  • Open the Minecraft launcher and click “Settings” in the lower left corner.
  • Click the grey boxes next to:
    • Keep the launcher open while the game is running .
    • Open output log when the game starts.
  • Click the “Java Edition” tab on the left of the launcher.
  • Click play and the log window will show.
  • Wait for Minecraft to load and/or your problem to occur, then lick the log window to make it active and copy the entire log by pressing:
    • “Ctrl + A” followed by “Ctrl + C” on Windows.
    • “Cmd + A” followed by “Cmd + C” on Mac.
  • The logs are now stored on your clipboard.

Sharing your logs.

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Click inside the “Editor” textbox and press:
    • “Ctrl + V” on Windows.
    • “Cmd + V” on Mac.
  • Pastes to our pastebin are automatically deleted after 7 days. You can increase/decrease this time by clicking the “Expires” dropdown menu. We recommend leaving it at 1 week.
  • Click “Send” and a link will be displayed and highlighted
  • You can now share this link with the person helping you.
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