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Known error codes. Bedrock Edition

This article serves as a list of known error codes in Minecraft (Bedrock), as well as known troubleshooting steps.

Error codes


Cause: Network issue preventing sign-in.

Troubleshooting: Check that your internet connection is stable. Download the Xbox app for your device (if available) and sign in there first.


Cause: client error preventing sign-in.

Troubleshooting: Restart your device, clear the cache, load the game and wait 5-10 minutes before signing in.


Cause: Unknown error when signing in.

Troubleshooting: Exit Minecraft, clear the cache, restart your device and try to sign-in.


Cause: Credential cache issue (conflicting account information)

Troubleshooting: On Windows 10 and Xbox, sign out of Xbox Live, and back in. On Switch, click “Clear cached credentials” in Settings > Profile.


Cause: authentication services issues

Troubleshooting: Restart the game, and/or device. Check @MojangStatus for service outages. Restart your router.


Cause: Xbox authorization issue.

Troubleshooting: Update/Install the Xbox app for your device, then re-login.


Cause: Too many accounts.

Troubleshooting: Reset the counter by restarting Minecraft.


Cause: Unknown client error.

Troubleshooting: Exit Minecraft completely, restart your device, restart Minecraft and sign-in.

Need more help?

If you’re still having trouble after trying the steps in this guide, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp and one of us will guide you through some more troubleshooting steps.

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