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Installing Forge on Minecraft Java Edition.

Mods can bring powerful new blocks and items to minecraft. To run them, you’re going to need to have forge installed. The steps below will guide you through the install process.

Disclaimer: The following guide is for Windows PC’s

  • Run the version of minecraft you want to mod at least once.
  • Close Minecraft and the launcher.
  • Open the Forge Website
  • Download the installer that matches your Minecraft version
  • Double click on the downloaded file
  • Chose client as the install type and click next
  • Once the install has finished, open the Minecraft launcher.
  • Find the new profile called “Forge…”
  • Click play
  • Once Minecraft has loaded close it down.
  • Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  • Copy any mod files into this folder. Mods can be downloaded from Curse Forge
  • Restart Minecraft

If you followed the steps correctly your mods will be active and any new blocks/items they are are available in game.

If you still need some help please get in touch with us on r/Minecrafthelp

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