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How to setup a white list on your Minecraft Sever.

When the white list is enabled on a Minecraft server, only players you give access too will be able to join. Setting up a white list is easy, just follow this tutorial and you will be playing in no time.



  • Make sure your are OP on the server
  • Run: /whitelist add <username> for each player you want to white list.
  • When you have added all the players run: /whitelist on
  • The white list is now active and only those on the list can connect.
  • If you need to remove a player from the list run: /whitelist remove <username>

You have now enable the white list and your server is protected from unauthorised players.

As always, if you still need help make a post on r/MinecraftHelp where one of us will be happy to talk you through it.

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