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Host Your Own Vanilla Minecraft Server – Java Edition

if you want to play Minecraft java edition with friends over the internet, then you’re going to need either a Minecraft server, or a Minecraft realm. With Java realms costing up to $8 a month, you might want to look for a cheaper alternative.

That’s where Minecraft server self hosting comes in. Instead of paying money to a server host, you can download and run the server software yourself. This gives you complete control over the server, and in most cases won’t cost you a penny!


  • Minecraft Java Edition
  • Minecraft server files to match your Minecraft version.
  • Text editor like notepad or notepad++
  • Latest version of Java installed.

Setting up the server

  • Make a new folder on your desktop called ‘MC Server’ and open it.
  • Find the server Jar file you downloaded, and rename it to server.jar
  • Copy server.jar into the MC Server folder
  • Right click inside the folder and choose New > Text Document
  • Open the text file and copy in the text below;
    • java -Xmx1024M -jar server.jar nogui
  • Click File > Save As, and save it as start.bat
  • Delete the text document.
  • You should now have 2 files in the folder, like the screenshot below;
Screenshot of the MC Server folder, showing server.jar and start.bat
  • Double click start.bat
  • A command prompt window will open and then close again
  • Check the MC Server folder and you should see some new files.
  • Open ‘eula.txt’
  • Change ‘eula=false’ to ‘eula=true’ to accept the Minecraft EULA.
  • Save the changes and close eula.txt
  • Start the server with start.bat
  • This time the command window will stay open and the server will load

That’s it! The server is now up and running.

Preparing your world

With your server now up and running we need to perform a few tasks to get the world ready.

  • In the command window type;
    • op scottish_crafter
  • Replace scottish_crafter with your username.
  • Press enter. This set’s you as an OP and allows you to run commands in-game.
  • Type ‘stop’ in the command window to shutdown the server.
  • Open the file with a text editor
Example file.

This file controls the settings for your Minecraft server. There are quite a few options in this file. For now we are only interested in;

  • level-name=
    • This sets the name of your world and can’t be blank
  • level-seed=
    • Put a world seed after the = if you want to set one. This can be left blank to choose a random seed.
  • motd=
    • Putting a message here will display it to users before they join your server.

Fill in the relevant fields, and then save and close ‘’.

The server is now setup and the world is ready to play. When you want to start the server, double click start.bat.

Giving your friends access to the server.

Now that the server is up and running, you need to port forward the servers port to your PC. Head over to and search for your router for step by step instructions. When asked, the port that needs to be forwarded is 25565.

After you have forwarded port 25565 your Minecraft server will be available on publicIP:25565. You can find your public IP on

Further help.

If you need any more help with setting up a Minecraft server, then please make a post on r/MinecraftHelp where one of us will be happy to guide you through it.

Happy crafting folks!

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