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Exporting to Schematic with World Edit. 1.14.4



To export a build to a .schematic file you need to 2 basic things; Select the area and Export to schematic. When following the below steps remember that WorldEdit works with 3D Cuboids for its selection area. Generally you want 2 block gap all around the build when selecting the area.

Selecting the area

  • Stand in the bottom, left, front corner of the cuboid containing your build and run //pos1
  • Now go to the opposite corner diagonally, (Top, right, back when looking from the front) and run //pos2
  • The //pos command takes the block you are standing on as the position. So when you are taking the second position, make sure your feet are higher than the top block.

You have now made your selection and it is ready to be saved as a schematic.

Saving Selection as .schematic file.

  • Stand in front of your selection and count the number of blocks to your structure. This will be how far away the structure spawns when loading from the .schematic file
  • Run //copy to copy the selection.
  • Run //schematic save name mcedit replacing name with the name you choose.

That’s it! Your schematic file can be found in

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