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Re-enable achievements Minecraft bedrock edition.

There’s a variety of reasons you might need to re-enable achievements on a survival world. We’re not here to judge, but offer a note of caution before following this tutorial, cheating can seriously affect your enjoyment of the game. Therefore, this guide is meant to help those who accidentally disabled achievements.

This tutorial uses Universal Minecraft Editor (UME), although the process should be similar on other NBT editors. UME is a free product, unlike it’s counterpart Universal Minecraft Converter.

If you need to locate your bedrock world files, use this guide. UME will accept a world folder, or, .mcworld file.


Steps to re-enable achievements

Open UME, select your world and click Open

If your world is a folder, choose the folder icon when browsing. For .mcworld or .zip files, choose the file icon.

Choose World Settings from the left side menu.

UME Menu with "World Settings" outlined with a red box.

Scroll down the right pane to find hasBeenLoadedInCreative: 1

re-enable achievements by changing hasBeenLoadedInCreative:1 to hasBeenLoadedInCreative:0

Double click the 1, change it to 0, then hit Enter to re-enable achievements.

re-enable achievements by changing 1 to 0

Scroll up to find commandsEnabled and make sure it’s 0

Click the save icon to save the world.

Finally, import the world on the device you wish to play on.

Need more help?

If you’re still having trouble after following this guide, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp and one of us will guide you through some more troubleshooting.

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