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Common Minecraft Exit Codes (Java Edition)

Exit codeBugFix
134MC-19437Reinstall Java
139MCL-756Caused by playing Minecraft on an
outdated version of macOS.
Update to OSX 10.5.8+.
255MC-26428Reinstall Minecraft
-805306369MCL-6550Minecraft has ran out of memory.
Allocate more RAM
Run an adware scan.
Reinstall Minecraft
-1073740777MCL-148Commonly caused by D3Dgear.
Uninstall it to fix the issue.
-1073741819MCL-148Commonly caused by BlueStacks
Uninstall it to fix the issue.
Update graphics card drivers.

If the above options don’t work, make a post on r/MinecraftHelp and one of us will guide you through some more troubleshooting. To enable us to help you quicker, please include a Speccy report in your post and mention this guide.

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