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Changing the working directory (java edition)

If you’re having trouble with the location of your .minecraft folder, or, want to move it to a different drive, you will need to change the Minecraft working directory.

Windows 10

Step 1

If you don’t have a shortcut to the Minecraft launcher on your desktop, open the Minecraft launcher folder, right click MinecraftLauncher.exe, choose Send to, then Desktop (create shortcut).

Step 2

Go to your desktop, right-click the MinecraftLauncher.exe – Shortcut and click properties.

Step 3

At the end of the Target field, add: --workDir file-path. Replacing file-path with the path to your new location.

Step 4

Click OK to save the changes.


If you need to access your .minecraft folder, you must go to the new location. Your old.minecraft folder in %AppData% will no longer work.

Still need help?

Make a new post on r/Minecrafthelp where one of us will guide you through the process.

Happy crafting folks!

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